1. Skilled Farm Worker - NQF 1 & 2

Developing basic, or primary, farming skills is the driver behind these programs that relate to plant as well as animal production. Our courses include training and assessment in practical skills and are facilitated on the farm, or in the vicinity of the farm, alleviating the cost of transporting the students and unnecessary disruption to the farm's scheduled activities.

To serve specific commercial needs, courses are focused in sub-sets. Specialisation is offered in:
Agronomy (winter grains, summer grains, vegetables)
Hydroponics (high value vegetable crops and flowers)
Horticulture (deciduous fruit, subtropical fruit, dried fruit, processed fruit)

As in plant production short courses, skills programs and learnership formats in animal production are presented in sub-sets:
Small livestock (sheep, goats)
Cattle (meat production)
Aquaculture (Crayfish, Abalone, Oyster, Salmon, Trout and Tilapia)

2. Specialised Individual - NQF 1 to 4

Training in the many individual roles played by employees in an agricultural company is also offered and at three levels - 'Basic: 'Advanced' and 'Refresher: To enhance these courses, CSA collaborates with leading companies in these specialised fields. Specific specialist courses are legislated, and as such require 'Refresher Courses' from time to time; CSA supports our clients on an ongoing basis when 'Refresher Courses' are required.

Specialist training courses include:
• Administrator
• Driver
• Export Administrator (Global GAP, HACCP, FSSC)
• Forklift operator
• Health and Safety representative
• Irrigation specialist
• Picker and sorter
• Spray pump operator
• Tractor operator

3. Junior Management - NQF Level 3

At the heart of CSA's vision is our commitment to empower entry-level students with fundamental skills as General Farm Workers, and to provide a nurturing environment for self-improvement that will feed the aspirations of General Farm Workers to enter this leadership development program. Aimed specifically at improving the productivity of the workforce in an agricultural business, the Junior Management' course on NQF Level 3 is focused on the Supervisor, Production Assistant, Headman/Headwoman and Team Leader.

4. Senior Management - NQF Level 4

The successful transformation of our agricultural economy will depend on the development of strong leaders with the skills to manage and further develop a commercial farming system. This course is aimed at farm owners, production managers and block managers and is focused on developing those skills. The course includes on-site coaching and mentorship by experienced commercial farmers.